CRS Renewal Process

CRS Renewal Process

On line registration for CRS vehicles is now available:

From December 2016 registration of ACT’s Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) vehicles is available on-line through Access Canberra.

  1. The registration papers will be sent to the vehicle owner in the usual way. These will contain advice that the vehicle registration can be renewed on line following inspection. It will also contain a client reference number in the vehicles details box up the top right. The owner will have to input this number to commence the on line renewal.

  2. The vehicle owner is to have the inspection complete by the club registrar (or compliance inspector for larger clubs) producing:

    1. current Club membership card (indicating financial membership); and

    2. Vehicle Log Book for the registrar to check;

  3. The Registrar is to complete the inspection and ensure compliance with age, modification status and mileage checks with logbook. If satisfied, sign the normal ‘Application for Concessional Registration of a Motor Vehicle’ form. The form must be stamped with the Council stamp and the club number inserted.

  4. The owner (or registrar, by mutual agreement) is then to either fax the form to 6207 7120 or scan the form and email to . This action will be the trigger for initiating the on line process. When received, the form will be processed by the RTA staff within one business day. After this, the registration can be renewed on line. As normal, you will be given the choice of CTP insurers during the process.

  5. Where an owner attempts to renew on line and the concessional registration has not been recorded, an error message will be displayed advising them to submit the concessional registration form and to contact their club registrar.

  6. Allow a few days for RTA to action the form and then go on line at and complete your registration renewal.

  7. Should you have any problems or questions on the process, please call the Licence and Registration team on 6207 7063 or Access Canberra on 132281.