CRS Insurance Levy

CRS Insurance Levy

CRS Registration Insurance Levy Reduced

As a result of representations made by the Council President, the ACT Government has agreed to reduce the CRS user’s contribution to the Lifetime Care and Protection Levy from 1 July 2015. Mr Mick Gentleman, Minister for Roads & Parking, has advised that the Commissioner has agreed to reduce the annual fee to $7 from the previous $34. A copy of the Minister’s letter is below.

Subject: Lifetime Care & Protection Levy

Dear Mark,

As we have discussed, I have been working with the Treasurer on the appropriate cost for the Levy for collectors.

I am pleased to advise the Levy has been reduced as follows from July 2015:

(b) The LTCS Commissioner determines the levy set out under this part to apply to vehicles registered under the ACT’s Veteran, Vintage and Historic Registration Scheme.

The LTCS levy shall be $7.00 for a 12 month CTP policy.

The LTCS levy shall be $3.50 for a 6 month CTP policy.

The LTCS levy shall be $1.70 for a 3 month CTP policy.

Yours Sincerely

Mick Gentleman

Minister for Planning | Minister for Workplace Safety & Industrial Relations | Minister for Roads & Parking | Minister for Children & Young People | Minister for Ageing

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